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Based in Hong Kong, our service have been reaching out to Nansha Information Technology Park (南沙資訊科技園). Later, the Guangzhou Science City (廣州科學城), and then Shenzhen City (深圳市). Travelling and providing our top-notch services in most parts of the Greater Bay Area (粵港澳大灣區).

Services We Offer

We have extensive experiences on Corporate application design.

Impressive Design

Not just practical, our works are designer works. Don't take our word for it, hear what our clients say. Very soon, you'll be one of them.

Responsive Layout

Nowadays, a corporate apps/ website should run fluently under different size of devices, we take great consideration to make sure our projects work as expected.


We use Visual Basic as our primary tool in the early state of our programming history. And now, we can help clients transition from Windows forms into browser base. Or, using c#, re-build into a Windows 10 desktop apps.


We support corporate client who has a network mixed with PCs and Macs. That says, we're not only build browser based applications, we also do Mac Apps.

Android & iOS

We write and deploy cross-platform apps, developed under Microsoft Xamarin, ready for B2B or B2C downloads over Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store.

Corporate Cloud

We've been using Google Cloud to host our client applications for years. Recently we're pilot testing the Hyperledger Fabric, Blockchain BaaS, with our applications for the retail industrial.

Recent Works

Honorable Mention @2018

Our Team

Arron Tam

Slow down your pace to enjoy life. And, give me more time in order for me to come up with a surprise.

Paulus Yeung

Starts with electronic, loitering in programming, dive in IoT.

Steven Yeung

Focus on the structural design of websites. Things like the taxonomies, metadata, scheduling, and analysis of content.

Programming Skills